Kuppaimeni Hair Removal Pack 15g


Embrace natural beauty with our herbal solution. This hair removal pack, enriched with Kuppaimeni, gently eliminates unwanted hair, leaving your skin smooth, soft, and naturally radiant.


Ingredients: Sun-dried Kuppaimeni Leaves Crushed, Chickpea powdered Korai Kilangu Powder

Life: 6 Months

Benefits: Unwanted Hair Removal

Directions for use:

Take a half a spoon of the above pack, mix it with water and apply the pack over the unwanted hair in face, underarm etc., Leave it for 30 Minutes dry off and apply water over the pack after 30 minutes and give an Upward Circular massage over the place. On regular usage the better results will be in 2 months depends on the hair root strength.

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