Rose & Lavender Body Mist 25ml


Immerse yourself in the enchanting blend of rose and lavender. Our body mist offers a delicate fragrance that refreshes and revitalizes, leaving you with a subtle floral embrace throughout the day.


Ingredients :

Dew filled Roses,
Cold crushed Virgin Coconut Oil,
Evaporated rose petal water

Directions for use :

Apply 10 to 15drops of Rose Oil on face

Give a gentle massage for 2 to 3 Minutes and on Dark spots and Pimples give an extra massage.

After 15 Minutes, wipe the face with a dry towel and then wash.

Suits to Children above 3 yrs.

Use 3 Days in a week. To see the better result use for 3 Months..

Benefits :

Dark Spot Removal
Eye Wrinkle free, *Anti-Aging
Pimple marks removal *Nourishes Skin

Storage :
Keep it in Cool Place.
Keep away from Children.
under 3 Yrs.

Additional information

Weight 0.845 oz


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